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There is always a room at the top for anyone who is determined to achieve a goal in life. This is the principle upon which Abby stands. At Abby, we recognize the importance of Certified Nurse Aide and Phlebotomists in healthcare systems.

A Nurse Aide performs duties in the care of patients under the supervision of the Registered Nurses or Physicians. This is a highly demanding career in the healthcare systems, which opens the door for career opportunity.
Abby is committed to producing well-trained CNA students who will be well valuable in their respected workplaces. We have seasoned instructors with wealth of experience in LTAC, Acute care, Nursing home and Rehabilitation.

We are committed to raising well trained Phlebotomists and ensure National certification in order to be able to practice within the healthcare settings. We are equipped with Licensed, and experienced professionals.

​You may not be able to change many things about your life; you can make a change to your status by taking the next step to enroll in our program.



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Administrator's Message

Abby has been in business since 2016 and we are here to provide help where needed. We are reliable, efficient, dependable and we deliver results.

We are looking forward to working with you and young organization.
​Abby is committed to providing Allied Health Training programs to our communities. We are seasoned, trained and licensed professionals in the area of our expertise.

Abby is committed to community building and empowerment. We provide the following Training Programs:

1). Nurse Aide Training (NAT)

Producing Certified Nurse Aides for the Nursing homes, Hospitals and Assisted Living facilities.

2). Phlebotomy Training

To provide empowerment for the Individuals who aspires to work in the hospital environments.

3). Are you a healthcare professional?

Renew or get certified with us with your BLS, Heart Saver/AED with us.

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Vision & Values

​We are Committed to RED​


R -Respect
We are committed to actionable philosophy supported as having value of respect to both internal and external customers to promote excellence in our service deliveries.​



E- Efficient
We are committed to a dynamic process within the team of professionals with complementary background and skills, sharing common goals and exercising concerted physical and mental effort to achieve a meaningful goal



D - Dependable
We are committed to quality of being honest and having strong moral principles in workplace and to all our customers.

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Believe it!

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You can make it!


Our team members are here to help you. Contact us for additional questions or information. Our staff are well rounded and willing to provide assistance to students at any time. 

Mr. Olukunmi 



Ms. Funmi 

Program Director


Ms. Precious

Office Coordinator


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