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$950.00 - Promo


5 Weeks

About the Course

Enroll in the ongoing promotions for the hybrid program. Reserve your spot now for this opportunity will not last forever and the seats are limited. You will be tutored by experienced Graduate Registered Nurse in Nursing Education. You will be glad that you have taken advantage of this opportunity.

How does hybrid program work?

2 weeks of online self-learning &

2 weeks of In-class Skill training + Clinical rotation

Why CNA?

• Most Nursing programs preferred all students to have CNA experience

• Integrates you to be able to work in Nursing Homes, Assisted Living facilities and Hospitals.

• It is a step into future and career independence

• Guaranteed employment in the Job market


• Job is waiting for you after you have passed your NATP Licensing examination.

• It gives you a boost into Nursing programs in the College

• You can as well work with your License while pursuing your college degree.

• Abby may assist our students to secure a job as soon as the students successfully passed the state exam. Contact the administrator for more details.


• Prospective student must be at least 16 years of Age

• High School Diploma certificate or Completion of the GED program is required to enroll in the CNA program.

• The school will ensure that all students have completed Criminal background check, Drug Screening and cleared of PPD testing before school can allow any student for clinical experience. These are required.

• Negative Covid-19 Testing is required for Clinical Rotation

• We offer CPR training. You may choose to complete CPR training as part of the training package and cost is not part of the tuition fees

Enrollment is easy. Complete the enrollment online and we shall contact you very shortly.

The classes fill up quickly. To avoid being on the waiting list, complete your application today. It is first come first served

Your success is right in your hand. You cannot add one more day of procrastination. Just go all out for it! You will be glad you did.

Your Instructor

Funmilayo Ajala

The instructor has wealth of experience in Nursing homes and in the hospitals. You cannot get it wrong being under the mentorship of our instructor.

Funmilayo Ajala
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